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It’s the Moneyball moment when you realize that the way you’ve been measuring success is the old way, and interpolnik is the algorithm that changes everything.

It’s Gonna Be Bananas

Digital Strategy

Always finding the greatest value in digital media, we fully utilize each and every serve and every single view.

YouTube Ad Campaigns

The traditional measure of success for YouTube Ad campaigns is turned upside down with this secret interpolnik has discovered. After watching this video, you’ll learn to look at YouTube Ad campaigns in a whole new way. Digital strategy, instream video, video pre-roll, and many other topics are covered.

What We Do

Lots and lots of Stuff

Video Production

Many stars must align before the cameras ever even come out of their cases. interpolnik acts like a wormhole in space getting your brand message on screen at the perfect time and place in the universe.
No we don’t do weddings, unless it’s a wedding for a Dinosaur and a Unicorn. That would be cool and expensive.

Media Buying

Convergence. Yes, it’s a buzz word bandied about in our industry, but we don’t just use it to sound like we know what we’re talking about. 30 years of traditional media buying experience has netted us a Zen like understanding of how to combine the traditional with the digital in ways most agencies will only read about in AdWeek next year.


Just who do you think you are?
interpolnik understands brand, and we’re here to make sure you do as well. From there, not even the stars are your limit.

Web Design

Design is important, but strategy is king.
Search engines favor those in the know, and interpolnik has always been ahead of that curve. You’re brand’s web presence will always be at the head of the class.

SEO/Digital Strategy

The Search Engine Optimization bandwagon has lost a wheel. Just buying a bunch of adwords is not a digital strategy. Rather, it’s just keeping up with the brand Joneses.
An interpolnik SEO program is like parking a 500 horsepower italian exotic in your driveway. It’ll make the Joneses move, and also maybe cry a little bit.

Story Development

When we’re not busy making your brand look like the rock star it deserves to be, we love to entertain.
Not like a clown. Those are creepy.
Writing screenplays and producing film is the passion that got us started in this business. Every piece of content we create is like the next movie we always wanted to make. “Action” is our favorite word in the dictionary and we use it often.

We got peeps that do stuff

John Polnik

John Polnik
Creative Director

    Dan Bozyk

    Dan Bozyk
    Social Media Director

      Ed Steenman

      Ed Steenman
      Chief Digital Advertising Director

        Richelle Polnik

        Richelle Polnik
        Director of Social Evangelism

          Michael Patriquin

          Michael Patriquin
          Director of Web Development


          lots and lots of Actors


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